Date Title
07/APR/2017 સહકારી બેંકો દ્વારા મહિલાઓને ફક્ત રૂ ૧,૦૦૦ માં ટેબ્લેટ
10/NOV/2016 સહકારી બેનકોના ગ્રાહકો જાગો
10/NOV/2016 The Union Govt. hav taken a landmark and historical decision...
14/OCT/2016 ફસાયેલી મૂડી પર વ્યાજના ઉમેરાને નફો ગણીને ટેક્સ ન માગી શકાય
20/AUG/2016 RBI slaps penalty on BoB, HDFC bank & PNB.
13/JUL/2016 MBA Course - Banking and Finance - News Paper coverage
03/MAR/2016 ATM ઘરે આવશે, પૈસા ઉપાડી શકાશે, જમા પણ થશે
11/FEB/2016 તવા ના કારણે ઢોંસાની કિમત વધુ: રાજાન
11/FEB/2016 Seminar arranged bu GUCBF for Urban Banks
11/FEB/2016 Seminar arranged bu GUCBF for Urban Banks
11/FEB/2016 Ahmedabad Metro work gains traction
11/FEB/2016 Reason for sadness: Everyone wants everrything on the spot/instantly
11/FEB/2016 What is Debt to GDP Ratio?
23/JAN/2016 Pre-Budget: Four points raised by Sahakar Bharati
06/NOV/2015 Representation against Police Complaint made by Borrowers with malafied intention - Godhera City
30/OCT/2015 The Chanasama Bank celebrated Suvarna Jayanti on its completion of 50 years
29/SEP/2015 Shri Jyotindra Mehta got elected chairman of Gujarat Urban Co-Op Banks Federation consecutively four time.
24/SEP/2015 Press Note: Shri Jyotindra Mehta got elected chairman of Gujarat Urban Co-Op Banks Federation consecutively four time.
04/SEP/2015 Press Note: Training program arranged for Employees of Co-Operative Bank
28/AUG/2015 Seminar on "Planning" for Co-Operative Banks
21/AUG/2015 Licences for small Finance Banks next month: Rajan
21/AUG/2015 Will venture into payments banking after assessing progress: Kochhar
21/AUG/2015 Large Urban Co-Operative Banks will do well to convert into commercial banks: RBI
-- No Objection Certificate (NOC) from registrar of Cooperative Societies of States/UTs
-- Fit & Proper Criteria for CEOs of Multi State UCBs - Reg
-- Press Note: Training program arranged for Employees of Nagrik Co-Operative Bank of Thara Taluka.
-- Gujarat Urban Co-Op Banks Federation organised International Co-operative Day
-- Co Operative Banking Tabloid
09/MAY/2015 State Umbrella by Gujarat Urban Co-Op Banks Federation
09/MAY/2015 Co-Op International Day celebration by Kalupur Commercial Co-Op Bank
09/MAY/2015 "Voters App - A business place" for Gujarat Farmers
06/MAY/2015 Regarding TDS deduction by UCBs
24/APR/2015 RBI revises priority sector lending norms, adds more categories.
23/APR/2015 Would you like to have the TEN THOUSAND Currency Note in Indian Currency
23/APR/2015 After Net neutrality, now how about bank neutrality
04/APR/2015 As per the amendment in GCS ACT section 115G has been deleted
24/MAR/2015 Public Holidays as per NI Act 1881
14/MAR/2015 32 Customers credit card informations were used for Fraud Shopping
14/MAR/2015 Schooling Kid opened largest Biomass Stove Factory in Gujarat
28/JAN/2015 Co-Operative Banks are preferable for Car Loans in Villages
24/JAN/2015 Federation has asked for the extension of One Time Settlement Scheme for 2 years
17/DEC/2014 RBI will issue Currency of Rs 32,000 CR in Gujarat
10/DEC/2014 Big Co-operative banks will help other Co-operative banks for technology growth - Mehta
10/DEC/2014 Regarding NPA Recovery
01/DEC/2014 Bank liable for fraudulent ATM withdrawal
26/AUG/2014 50 Lac Family in the state will have to join Prime Minister's Jaan Dhan Yojna
26/AUG/2014 Small savings of Children in Koyampattur
06/APR/2014 Off Campus training would get started in Ahmedabad for College of Agriculture Banking
06/APR/2014 As per the guidelines by RBI under the IT act No. of 43D, ...
06/APR/2014 Intervention application to be filled up in Mumbai High Court against the recovery from Madhupura Bank
06/APR/2014 Regarding Nagarik Sahakari Bank wont be able to recover the NPA
05/APR/2014 Merger of Co-Op Bank of Baroda with Rajkot Raj Bank
01/APR/2014 Increase in Third Party Motor Insurance
01/APR/2014 RBI would continue with the same ROI
01/APR/2014 Platform for reaching to the village people for voice messaging and voice twitter
01/APR/2014 Penalty due to the Late CTS clearing from bank
18/MAR/2014 Bringing cooperatives to the online platform
04/MAR/2014 Ketan Parekh - 2 years of imprisonment
04/MAR/2014 Get control over NPA - New article
25/NOV/2013 Wake up call before the NPA rises for Bankers and Government
26/NOV/2013 Notice from RBI : To improve services for public
22/NOV/2013 RBI troubled by loan quality of banks
09/NOV/2013 Nominee will receive payment in 15 days from Banks
08/NOV/2013 Rules for AT PAR CHEQUE
01/NOV/2013 Foreign banks can take over the private banks of INDIA
19/AUG/2013 Coin vending machines at Banks
-- BNP Paribas RBI policy
-- HDFC RBI policy
-- Karvy RBI policy
-- StanChart RBI policy
-- Connection of banks with EPS
-- Limit for Indirect Housing Finance under Priority Sector raised
-- India ranks 23rd in financial literacy Among 28 countries