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We will not measure the success of the movement by the numbers of cooperative societies formed, but by the moral condition of the cooperators

Mahatma Gandhiji
“The day is not far when computers will be needed for each & every individual akin to every person's daily need for food & water”

Chief Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi
“After Green Revolution (foodgrains) & White Revolution (milk – Amul) Project Flood IT launched by federation has created an unique opportunity for Gujarat to spread knowledge revolution”

Mr. Jyotindrabhai Mehta Chairman, Federation
“The widespread impact of the project is that apart from the three companies associated with this project, other IT companies have reduced their prices and because of that computers have reached every nook and corner of Gujarat”

Mr. N. V. Patel , Director Flood IT Project
“Knowledge revolution will never halt, knowledge revolution could now be continued as Flood IT – II, Flood IT - III and so on. With this project the federation has created a new roadmap for spreading the reach of computers”

Mr. Ajai Chowdhry, Chairman, HCL Info Systems Ltd.
“We have therefore necessarily to leap frog to the latest and most appropriate technology. CBS on application service provider model is most suitable option for small Urban Banks” Urban banks have to adopt these technologies at the earliest, for which CBS enabled architecture is must.

Mr. H. K. Patil, President, NAFCUB
“I know of no other instrument so potentially powerful and full of social purpose as the cooperative movement.”

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel First Home Minister of independent India & motivator of Amul
“All the enthusiasm in the world will not be enough unless we have trained personnel to run our co-operative societies. I have been laying stress on the basic necessity of training for co-operatives, the people must first learn how to do it? That is the most important thing. Co-operatives have failed where there has been no training behind them.

Jawaharlal Nehru
Cooperatives combine the good points of the public sector and the private sector. They are based on voluntary union and democratic control. The idea of co-operation is something much more than merely an efficient & economic way of doing things. It is economic, it is fair, it equalizes & prevents disparities from growing. But it is something even deeper than that. It is really a way of life.

Vaikunthbhai Mehta Co-operative Thinker
“I at the outset assure that Reserve Bank is deeply interested in the urban co-operative banking sector. It is interested because they are a very heterogeneous sector. It is like our Country. There is so much of diversity and yet we all function together. Most of them are small, meeting the needs of the local communities. They deal with the common people, speak the local language, they have flexible processes, they have accessibility, they have a friendliness and therefore they are best suited for the objectives of financial inclusion”.

Mrs. Usha Thorat(Ex. Deputy Governor. R.B.I)
It is our ambition to reach to the poorest of the poor and we espouse this cause very passionately. Through micro finance we are trying to empower the society. As part of the international year celebrations, we are shortly launching Project “Reach out” to impart financial literacy to youth and women and encourage them to come within the banking fold.

Mr.Dolarrai Kotecha Vice Chairman
“What is important in any inclusion initiative is that there is greater hand-holding between. the institutions and the excluded”.

Mrs. Jayshreeben Vyas (MD, Sewa Bank)