Member Banks Activity

~ Common Man’s Dream Home made easy ~

Housing Finance

Total current leading by all Gujarat Urban Co-operative Banks to Housing Sector about Rs. 3000 Crores

Affordable housing has been a primary concern and is a subject of utmost priority for a developing nation. Our banks have been ceaselessly striving to help the common man in his effort of owning his dream home to create an asset for his & his future generation.

Various innovative models in housing finance have been developed by several banks to meet the unique needs of borrowers. Our banks have been offering affordable finance to all sections of society.

Concern for Community

During the last more than 50 years every single bank of Gujarat has demonstrated its concern for community in various ways depending on the needs within its area of operations.

While this is hard to quantify, significant contributions by various banks have created Institution in diverse field which have set new benchmarks of corporate social responsibility.

Such activates include setting up of schools, collages, hospitals, creation of civic amenities, providing for food, clothing & shelter etc.

~ Finance to small & medium Enterprises Our Niche Area ~


Total Advances: Rs. 12,057 Crores
Total Borrowers: 5, 97,580
Average leading per borrower: Rs. 2, 01,764

The Co-operative Banks have been extending finance for all business needs namely:
Term lending for new projects / expansion
Working Capital finance
Export Credit
Auto Loans

The banks have encouraged budding entrepreneur by providing resources for asset building.

We are witnesses to numerous instances which demonstrate that the present business leaders have been supported by co-operative banks during their initial phases.

The malegam Committee set up by RBI has concluded that out of the total number of borrowers in the co-operative banking sector 90% borrowers account for finance of less than Rs. 5 lacs and therefore these banks have been instrumental in meeting the needs of the small & medium enterprises.

The small average loan amount of Rs. 2 lacs demonstrates that the lending pattern of co-operative banks is biased to the small entrepreneur.

~ Deposits & Savings ~

Total Deposits of all urban co-operative banks in Gujarat: Rs. 21,668 cr.
No. of Depositors: 89, 19,452
Average deposit per depositor: Rs. 24,293

With average deposit of less than Rs. 25, 000/- the banks truly represent the common man of the state.

Co-operative banks have become the preferred choice for depositors due to:
-Higher interest vis-à-vis competitors
-The ownership status of becoming a member
-Ease & flexibility of operations

Our banks offer all type of savings options including term deposits, savings a/c. flexi-deposits, recurring deposits, tax saver deposits. These options along with several variations in scheme features depending on varying needs depositors have made our schemes extremely popular and depositor friendly.

The Federation continues to take various initiatives to educate people to park their savings with banks so as to give them regular income & promote various campaigns to instill the saving habit amongst all age groups.